2021 recap article cover
2021 recap article cover

2021 recap

My year in review

Apr 27, 2022

2021 went by in a second. Seeing our daughter grow up in her first year made everything else a second thought. She got her first teeth, made her first steps, had her first birthday, and attended a day-care center for the first time, making her first friends.

Besides our kiddo, work kept me busy. I helped a big ad agency conceptualize the website for their upcoming interactive unit. At ImmoScout24, I finally coded all the modules I had designed already in 2020 for building marketing pages more quickly. It also happened that I could give some lectures on CSS, JavaScript, and Figma to their Creative Studio. Further, I could improve the design system I had set up for a financial services company and designed new features for their B2B platforms. For the first time, I could also make some small steps into prototyping for Augmented Reality together with BeamXR, a subsidy of Dan Pearlman.

In September, I took one month off as part of my parental leave. We traveled to the Balearics and enjoyed our first family vacation.

What else? I checked NFTs and fell into a deep rabbit hole: Made some good, some bad trades and purchased even a Ledger to store my favorites securely. I’m happy to be part of the Anti and Chain Runners fam.

Entertainment-wise, I enjoyed watching Dune, which got some phenomenal world-building and atmosphere. Music-wise, I maintained a Spotify playlist which you can check here.

That’s it – onto 2022.