2020 recap

My year in review

Jan 3, 2021

[Dec 14, 2021]

2020 recap

My year in review

Jan 3, 2021

[Dec 14, 2021]

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What a year. It started pretty well with a family trip to Görlitz, a lovely concert back in Berlin, the wrap of a project to refresh Factory Berlin’s website, and that my girl and I found out we were awaiting a baby by the end of the year.

Then, Wuhan became news: A virus was circulating, and we saw the footage of a whole city in lockdown. However, we never thought that it would take the world so quickly, but something out of a sci-fi movie became real: We witnessed the start of a pandemic.

Local businesses and schools had to close, events got canceled, companies needed to let their employees work from home or put them on hold, and the government told us to avoid as many social interactions as possible. When we went outside, we started wearing masks and washed our hands more often. We stopped shaking hands and hugging others. We stopped seeing family members and friends – at least indoors.

As I already was working from home, my setup didn’t change that much. However, a big contract got canceled, and I bridged the time with a side project. I thought it might be valuable to put some of my UI design knowledge into a starter kit. Hence, Bica for Figma went from idea to product.

During summer, things got more relaxed, and Covid-19 almost vanished in Germany. We found the time to prepare our apartment for our baby girl, and I started collaborating with ImmoScout24 on some projects.

Then, the second wave hit, we went back into lockdown, and numbers went up even higher than during the first wave. Yet, optimism was rising during the last months of the year: Despite the odds, the stock market didn’t crash, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, and scientists found multiple vaccines in record time.

Ultimately, a lifetime moment for us happened. We welcomed our adorable healthy daughter Charlotte on November 23rd.

What a year.

Favorite shows, movies & games

  • Apex Legends

  • Parasite

  • Raised by Wolves

  • Soul

  • Ted Lasso S1

  • The Boys S1/S2

  • The Expanse S5

  • The Last of Us 2

  • The Mandalorian S1/S2

  • The Queen’s Gambit

  • Westworld S3

Favorite Music

  • Listen to my Spotify 2020 playlist here

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