2017 recap article cover
2017 recap article cover

2017 recap

My year in review

Feb 15, 2018

2017 felt like a rush. Events followed events. There were always things seeking attention: Whether it was happenings like Trump’s irritating inauguration, the hype around cryptocurrencies, or the uncertain outcome of German elections. Whether it was great entertainment occasions like playing Horizon Zero Dawn, watching 4Blocks, or Game of Thrones (Season 7). Whether it was traveling to beautiful Sardinia (again), Prague, or the west coast of the USA. Also, some friends got married; some great parties were thrown. Lots of memories were created, but the most lovely event was my sister’s marriage. I’m so proud of her!

From a working perspective, I was busy with updating and maintaining existing projects. But, there were also little new projects which got me some attention from Land-Book, CSS Design Awards and even an honorable mention by Awwwards.

As always I actively listened to a lot of music, but this year I finally put my favorites of the year into a playlist: Check it out on Spotify.