Helping agencies, brands and individuals on their ventures since 2010

Hey there, I’m a freelance designer and developer with 10+ years of experience. I have worked with agencies, brands, and individuals – either on the full picture or just on parts of a bigger puzzle. I try to maintain a healthy relationship with my clients and work hard to create thoughtful and enjoyable solutions that feel modern and timeless.

Currently, I’d like to wrap my head around UX concepts, design systems, and product designs. Therefore, I prefer working in Figma while Sketch is fine as well.

Yes, I can code and would be more than happy to help you to design, develop, and set up your next website with WordPress, Kirby, Shopify, or Webflow.

Sounds interesting? Let me know if you need any more information and drop me one-two lines about your next project.


UX/UI Design
Shopify Dev
Kirby Dev
Webflow Dev
WordPress Dev



CSS Design Awards


One Page Love

functional aesthetics
Goldener Westen
Kombinat Berlin
Mondon Design


Adam Audio
Boston Consulting
Factory Berlin
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