Product design to enhance smartclip's platform suite

Work Published: July 1, 2021 Updated: July 2, 2021


UX/UI Design


smartclip is an adtech and media sales company which advertising technology and services empower European broadcasters and online publishers.

Goldener Westen approached me to help smartclip with a new product offering. By adding creative approval to their smartX platform suite, smartclip wants to enable their publishers and broadcasters to decide which creatives are allowed or not to serve on their inventory.

The task

I was challenged to find a smart UI/UX solution for managing creatives (advertising assets). The overall solution needed to work within the capabilities of the Ant Design frontend framework.

The outcome

Each creative is part of a campaign and is delivered to one or more publishers. Therefore, each row shown in a list is a unique combination of a creative, a campaign, and a publisher. This combination is called creative approval record​. Depending on the permissions of the user, the user may see creatives for only one publisher, for a set of publishers (from one or multiple supply marketplaces), or all creatives (admin user).

The ​approval or rejection ​of a creative is done based on the combination of creative/campaign/publisher. Doing this on a click-by-click basis is only a viable approach for smaller publishers. Users who are reviewing the creatives for multiple publishers need to have a simple way to approve/reject the same creative across multiple campaigns and publishers on a “single” click (bulk approval/rejection).

The heart of the app is the creatives’ list

Finally, to be able to decide whether a creative should be approved or rejected, the creative approval tool needs to be able to provide a preview​ of the creative. As there are different types of creatives, this can either be as simple as displaying an image up to showing a creative in a video player along with showing which trackers are fired from the player, whether there are any companion creatives to be shown together with the creative, etc.

The extra stuff

Further down the line, smartclip needed some extra work on two parts. For the first part, they needed a rough concept on letting users add rules to automatically approve or reject creatives:

UX concept to configure complex rules to automatically approve or reject creatives

And, the second part was to imagine a concept and design for a flexible dashboard to display KPIs:

The dashboard