Around Portugal
On the Road

You can find a lovely and surprising country somewhere beyond Spain in the very last parts of Europe before the Atlantic ocean divides the continents.

A country which features an awesome diversity from the paved streets of Lisbon to the rough cliffs of the South. We started our trip by climbing the seven hills of Lisbon, went north to World Heritage ‘Sintra’ and took our way down to the south.

We ate too much Nata, drunk countless Galãos (sometimes Bica or even Ginjinha) and felt in love with grilled and super fresh fish served with almost nothing but tasty olive oil. We explored really crowded beaches, but found also nice and relaxing spots in the middle of nowhere. We discovered the west coast, found great surf spots and enjoyed amazing sunsets by the cliff coasts of Sagres. Let me take you on a visual journey.


Around Lisbon

Casa Da Índia Lda

Great grilled fish and/or chicken in a rustic place filled with locals as well as with tourists. It’s a nice spot to fall in love with the Portuguese Cuisine.

Ginjinha Sem Rival

We tried the most famous spot for Ginjinha first, but felt in love with the shots at Sem Rival. The cherries felt more fresh and the alcohol more tasty.

Estrela da Bica

This restaurant has an changing and creative menu with lots of unique food experiences. The beef teriyaki was delicious.

A Provinciana

This place belongs to a Portuguese family running it for years in a side-street. You can’t recognize it if you don’t know it. Though, it was no surprise that we were the only tourists among a vibrant crowd of locals.

Lost-In Esplanada

Imagine a café with a very stylish interior plus a superb view! There you go with the Lost In Esplanada situated on top of the hill in Bairro Alto. Sure shot to have a Galão or Bica.

Miradouro da Graça

When you stop with the Tram 28 on the top of the hill near the castle you can find a hidden viewpoint which is really nice with a little café and an amazing view.

Park Rooftop Bar

The rooftop of a car park was transformed into a bar that opens daily at 1PM and only closes late at night with a beautiful view over the city. Slightly better than Flunkerkranich.

Bar Incógnito Lda

When people talk about Lisbon’s nightlife they will tell you about LUX, which is undoubtly the best club in the city. But if you like it more underground you should definitely visit Bar Incógnito for some nice music.


The world heritage is one of the most visited areas in Portugal, but also worth a visit. We recommend to take the steps to the castle on the hill – you will be rewarded with a superb view.



Around Algarve

Praia do Zavial

We actually found that spot really late. It’s hidden between Salema & Sagres and features a beautiful beach with less tourists than anywhere else on the Algarve.

Praia da Marinha

Some say, it’s the most beautiful beach the Algarve has to offer and they are right. The problem is, it’s really crowded, but the best place for a cave tour!

Praia do Amado

This beach is on the west coast and quite famous for surfers. Superb waves and lots of space! Still too crowded? Go to the adjacent beach and enjoy being almost alone.

Sao Vicente

One of the best places to see the sunset! Many people, locals as well, go there and celebrate this happening with a proper bottle of wine.

Letzte Bratwurst vor Amerika

Enough of tasty seafood? Then this might be your last hope! Get a Bratwurst and enjoy the rough cliffs! Everyone needs Bratwurst!

A Galé

If you are residing or visiting Carvoeiro try this restaurant. It’s rather chic, but features the best Portuguese cuisine in this village!

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