Panke Street
Graphic Design, UX/UI, WordPress

Panke Street is a Berlin based strategic communications and negotiations advisory rooted in a management consulting background. I was challenged to develop a logo plus website and find an overall look for the newly formed company.

Graphic Design (Logo), UX/UI, Web Development (WordPress)





— Projects

Along the years I've had the pleasure to work with various agencies and clients on projects of all kind of scales.

Adam Audio, Bar25, Boston Consulting Digital Ventures, Brie Et Ses Amis, Elaboratum, Event030, Feel Festival, Functional Aesthetics, Glispa, Goldener Westen, Haufe / Lexware, Lockbox, Mercedes Benz, MetaDesign, Mondon Design, Ludwig Blochberger, Soundcloud, Spreewerkstätten, Stimmt AG, Wanda Perdelwitz