Graphic Design, UX/UI, WordPress

Neovida’s mission is to encourage people to live a healthier and more balanced life. Professional coaches teach thoughtful workouts, mindful nutrition habits and stress-reducing life-hacks. Fitness, food and balance are the core-concepts of Neovida’s holistic eLearning platform. I created the logo and set directions for the corporate identity within the UI design itself. Further I translated the UIX into a WordPress theme (the backend is still WIP).

Graphic Design (Print & Logo), UX/UI, Web Development (WordPress)





The logo’s icon was crafted by merging the initials N+V of the wordmark NEOVIDA into one symbol. The symbol can be interpreted as a sign for progress and/or achievement. The three-striped icon represents also the three business layers Fitness, Nutrition and Balance.



— Projects

Along the years I've had the pleasure to work with various agencies and clients on projects of all kind of scales.

Adam Audio, Bar25, Boston Consulting Digital Ventures, Brie Et Ses Amis, Elaboratum, Event030, Feel Festival, Functional Aesthetics, Glispa, Goldener Westen, Haufe / Lexware, Lockbox, Mercedes Benz, MetaDesign, Mondon Design, Ludwig Blochberger, Soundcloud, Spreewerkstätten, Stimmt AG, Wanda Perdelwitz