A refreshed look for trade recreators

Work Published: October 9, 2022 Updated: October 19, 2022


Information Architecture
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Logtrade is on a mission to provide people with what, where, and when they want it. Founded in 1992 and based on the firm belief that trade is in everyone – and, in the future, in everything. The Swedish company operates globally with offices in Malmö and Palo Alto with partners like DHL, Scania, and Volvo.

I’ve helped refresh the company’s website as part of a more extensive rebranding process. Within a multi-disciplinary team, we analyzed the old to create the new. As a result, all content has been recreated and restructured from the ground.

During multiple interviews with the company’s different departments, our team dug deep to find the essence of Logtrade. The content strategy highly influenced the information architecture. The creation of the wireframes involved a lot of conversation on how and where to display which information. Once ready, I’ve designed the whole website, including a scalable system for future appliances.

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