Feel Festival
Graphic Design, UX/UI, WordPress

The Feel Festival is a small yet popular festival near Berlin, Germany. Its success can probably be found in the effort to create an experience you can… feel. The decoration is pretty awesome, the atmosphere is cosy, almost familiar and the bookers are always looking for young talents and friends instead of stars. It feels handmade and crafted by heart. A dreamy hide-out from the urban jungle.

My responsibilities shifted during the years:
2013 — Graphic Design, Web (UX/UI & WordPress)
2014 — Graphic Design, Web (UX/UI & WordPress)
2015 — Web (UX/UI & WordPress)
2016 — Web (UX/UI & WordPress)



— Projects

Along the years I've had the pleasure to work with various agencies and clients on projects of all kind of scales.

Adam Audio, Bar25, Boston Consulting Digital Ventures, Brie Et Ses Amis, Elaboratum, Event030, Feel Festival, Functional Aesthetics, Glispa, Goldener Westen, Haufe / Lexware, Lockbox, Mercedes Benz, MetaDesign, Mondon Design, Ludwig Blochberger, Soundcloud, Spreewerkstätten, Stimmt AG, Wanda Perdelwitz