Bica for Figma

A flexible UI starter kit for Figma

As a Product Designer, I got tired of recreating the same UI elements every time from scratch. The idea of using a starter kit began to grow. I checked various available ones, but they didn’t work for me. So, I began creating Bica by mixing ideas and concepts to match them with my perception of what makes a good UI starter kit. I’ve decided to build this solely for Figma to make use of their excellent features without any compromises.

The product

Essentially, Bica became a flexible UI starter kit that provides an initial Figma setup by taking care of typography, spacings, colors, effects, icons, essential UI components, and library organization. Bica ships in two flavors: bright and dark.

Various UI elements

Example UI

To make the kit’s potential understandable for others, I decided to design an example interface so that users can learn to utilize the system to create a web app – in this case a simple AdTech SaaS platform.

UI Example – Dashboard
UI Example – Sign Up
UI Example – Help Desk

Launching the product

The kit was created foremost to help me with my projects but I wanted to try monetarizing it as well. Therefore, I created a mini brand, bought a domain, wrote all the marketing copy, designed a landing page, and developed it with Webflow.

Bica’s landing page

Further, I worked on some marketing slides to use them on market places like UI8 and Creative Market.

Marketing slides for various market places


Creating and launching a product was great fun but also very time-consuming. Within this project, I could use my whole skillset from branding to copywriting, from UX/UI to web development. Further, it got me a tool that helps me with my next UX/UI projects. I also plan to build UI-kits on top of this kit.


UX/UI Design
Web Development