Adam Audio
UX/UI Design

Adam Audio is developing, manufacturing and distributing high precision studio monitors which are valued by the best audio-engineers, DJs and musicians around the world.

The Berlin company was seeking for an update of its outdated identity and website. On behalf of Goldener Westen I was responsible for the refresh of the website’s user experience and interface. The transparent process involved the client heavily. We started with research, interviewed opinion leaders, created personas and then sketched complex wireframes. I have also moderated the very active dialogue on the progress. Even the development studio got involved at this early stage.

Adam Audio wireframes by Felix Dorner

There was a lively discussion in Moqups on various wireframe elements.

Adam Audio wireframe by Felix Dorner

The wireframe for the main landing page.

From concept to design

In parallel to the website’s concept the team at Goldener Westen worked hard on the new identity. When everyone was satisfied with the wireframes I started to work on the screen design and its elements based on the identity concept from my team.

Adam Audio interface elements by Felix Dorner

Various interface elements.

Adam Audio interface by Felix Dorner

Cutouts of the assembled interface.

Transparency all the way

All screen designs where presented and reviewed with the help of Invision. This way the client was always up-to-date and had the possibility to give feedback at any stage. After all screens reached the final state I moved everything to Zeplin for a smooth handover to the development studio.

Adam Audio landing page design by Felix Dorner

Landing page design for the AX product series.

Adam Audio mobile interface design by Felix Dorner

Adjustments for mobile devices.


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Along the years I've had the pleasure to work with various agencies and clients on projects of all kind of scales.

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